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10/03/2019PendingHello: I would like to suggest something: for the previous employee appreciation most of the time was spent of awards and other stuff. would be great if all the award, gifts and congratulation should be done here in our conference room and the fun part would be at the designed venue, for food, games and other fun stuff. just saying. In our last appreciation the award did take 80% of our fun time. Please review my suggestion. Thank youThe employee awards were presented at the training event and not at the appreciation event.
09/30/2019ApprovedI am wondering why there are no tabs under 'Services', that apply to the Abq 'citizen' the way there are tabs for refugee and Immigration programs. I have left a message and phone number if someone might contact me about this ? Thank You, AlexxCPO spoke with Alex at 452-7032. She basically called to bash our agency for “only serving immigrants” – I tried to explain a couple times that we served the broad community, but she wasn’t really interested in what we actually do – more in making her own point about how Albuquerque only wants to serve immigrants and not citizens. If she calls again, I would refer her directly to Jim. Thank you.
07/24/2019ApprovedCongratulations on 20 years with Catholic Charities Rose!!! 
07/24/2019ApprovedCongratulations on 20 years with Catholic Charities Rose!!! 
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